Brief Description
Digital photography is the most common type of photography nowadays. Through it, taking, editing, and producing photos has never been simple and immediate. In addition, photography is a good foundation for those aspiring filmmakers since, like film, it requires the photographer to tell a story visually.

This course is designed to introduce and explore the art of photography as a primary skill needed in film production. Composition, framing, lighting, camera settings, and photo editing are included in the topic discussions as well. As this workhop falls within the scope of digital technology, it also takes time in thoroughly discussing the parts and operations of a digital camera.

Course Outline
• Basic photography skills
• Fundamental operations of a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera
• Principles and elements of design
• Composition
• Natural and artificial lighting
• Lens and aperture mechanism
• Proper exposure
• Photo editing


Next Level/s:
Studio Photography
Travel Photography



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