Ph.D. Communication, University of the Philippines, Diliman
M.A. Radio, TV, Film, University of Texas

Courses Taught: Film 110 (Basic Photography), Film 115 (Advanced Photography), Film 106 (National Cinema: Japanese Cinema), Film 112 (Language & Grammar of Film), Film 113 (Film Production 1), Film 114 Film Production 2), Film 161 (Documentary Film) Film 299 (Historical &Critical Research Method), Film (Women in Cinema) Film 197 (Special Projects), Film 198 (Film Internship), Film 199 (Film Research) Film 205 (Narrative Film), Film 220 (Advanced Documentary Film), Film 290 (historical & Critical Research in Film), Film 260 (Film Historiography), Film 280 (The Philippine Film Industry) Com 100 (introduction and Media Theory), Com 130 (Communication and Socio- Cultural Change), Com 304 (Seminar in Communication Research) Com 363 (Communication Management), Media 220 (Media Literacy), Media 240 (Media Research), EdTech 205 (Using Video in Educational Materials Development), BC 100 (Introduction to Broadcast), BC 123 9Writing for Television)

A tenured university teacher with 33 years of experience in teaching courses in Communication, Media and Cultural Studies, Film Theory and Criticism, Film and Video Production, Visual Communication, Photography, Cinematography, Linear and Non-Linear Post-Production, Broadcast Communication, Film Research, Media Literary, Qualitative Research Methods, Communication Research and Planning, Film Historiography, and Instructional Materials Development to undergraduate and graduate students.

Also has extensive experience in film and video production work, and film, video and production management, communication and media campaign planning, IEC and Audiovisual Management, Research Proposal Writing, Academic Department Management, Academic Program Management, Curriculum Planning and Development, Development and production of IEC and Multimedia Production materials, and Events Organization and Management.