MA Broadcast Communication, UP Diliman
BA Film and Audio Visual Communication, UP Diliman

Courses Taught: Film 270 (Advance Film Theory and Criticism), Film 100 (Introduction to Film), Film 135 (Acting) Film 159 (Film Production Management), Film 12 (Sine Pinoy), Film 198 ( Internship ), Film 10 (Sining Sine), Film 102 (History of Philippine Cinema), Com 100 (Introduction to Communication & Media), Com 140 (Media & Sociaty), Com 130 (Communication & Media Theories), Media 220 (Media Literacy), Media 280 (Contemporary Issues in Media), Media 250 (Political Economy of Media),

Assistant Professor Shirley Palileo-Evidente is a film and media studies scholar whose published works and research interests remain within the tenets of semiology and ideology, iconology and post-modernism. She has directed, written and managed production for national and international projects; and is also a certified trainer for conflict sensitive journalism.

Currently, Prof. Evidente is Director of the Office of Extension and External Relations of the UP College of Mass Communication. She obtained her BA Communication major in Film and Audio Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication; where she also finished her Master in Arts in Communication major in Broadcast Communication. 

She is currently completing her PhD in Anthropology at the College of Social Science and Philosophy of the University of the Philippines.